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As most of you are probably aware, I really like pinnipeds. I was therefore really happy when, recently, I managed to find on ebay and purchase a small lot of assorted grey seal skull pieces for the great price of ยฃ25. The listing only had one photo and there was no indication of the size of the bones.

Imagine my excitement when I opened the box today and found, among others, this huge rostrum. It is shown next to my grey seal skull, which I suspect to be a young female and which is 20 cm in length. The rostrum weighs as much as the entire smaller skull and the remaining teeth are very worn. This must’ve been a big, old animal. It’s just a shame the canines are gone.

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    For some reason, it never occurred to me to look for taxidermy skulls on ebay. This is going to be a problem for that...
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    I thought it was a little expensive for a single piece of snout when I first saw it, but it seems to be the same same...
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    Oh damn that’s gorgeous! And huge oh my. There seems to be another similar bit of bone up here although not quite as...
  14. blackunic0rn said: Whoa! Look at that monster! and the pitting on the bone… is it weathering or some sort of pathology?